Ana-Maria Cazacu

After graduating the Theatre Faculty of the ”George Enescu” University in  Iași (2008) and a Master's in ”The Actor's Art” (2010), Ana-Maria Cazacu was an actress in a state theatre before getting involved in independent theatre productions and improvisational theatre, theatre forum and independent film. She directed independent theatre plays, held theatre workshops and is passioanate about cultural journalism. In her spare time she experiments with contemporary dance forms.

Romina Matei

Romina – Journalism and Adult Education graduate, passionate about learning and managing processes through which individuals can achieve their maximum potential. Her motivation is based on the values of human rights, democracy and the rule of law. In the last 10 years she has coordinated multiple national and international projects, all have as their final goal the overcoming of society's inequalities. ”Think globally, act locally” is the motto that guides her work.

Oana Bajka

Trainer in intercultural education and human rights, activist for social justice and supporter of participative democracy. She believes that human strength lies in community and vulnerabilty doar not have to be a label but a strarting point for meaningful action.




Victor Dragoș

Victor is an actor and director, specialized in theatre forum since 2015. He believes each person is unique and not a collection of labels, each person having the right to be the subject of their own existence. He is the father of two girls and believes in the power of children for creating a better world. Co-founder of Babel School, of Timişoara Refugee Art Festival and of Basca.

Andrei Ursu

 Andrei is a playwright and writer. He studied Literature at the University of the West Timișoara. In 2009 he won the National Playwriting Contest. He was nominated and won playwriting constests in 2010, 2011 and 2015. His plays have been staged as professional productions or stage readings in Timișoara, Craiova and Paris.