in : v z b l

In art, and in society in general, in the media or in politics, the main discourse is dominated by the majority. Persons from vulnerable groups do not have a voice in the public discourse and the majority of references towards these disadvantaged groups are mainly negative ones, designed to confirm certain stereotypes. Beyond the injustice shown towards these disadvantaged groups, such a situation takes away a society’s diversity and offers a shallow perspective of reality. We ourselves do not want to enforce the use of labels but rather aim to create solidarity networks between these disadvantaged groups.
in: v z b l is a festival that aims to make the invisible visible, promoting values such as dialogue, understanding, respect and solidarity. The voices of different ”invisible” vulnerable groups are often silent or unheard. This festival aims to gives these groups the chance to make their voices heard and to offer a context for self-representation inside the community. Diversity is a poorly exploited resource. Different cultures and different perspectives of viewing reality represent opportunities to learn as long we hold true, in our interactions, to the values this festival affirms. The content of the festival will be made up of theater shows, performances, music, film, visual arts, installations and exhibitions as well as debates, conferences, workshops, food and meetings.

Artists wanted!

A three weeks residency program for Romanian and international artists is waiting for you to apply! If you want to create collaborative and participatory works, this is the chance. From visual arts to performance, from theater to dance, music, painting, sculpture, photo, video, installation and literature or more experimental forms, every means of expression is welcome. The residencies will take place between 16th of August and 9th of September.

in : v z b l festival will take place on 6th, 7th & 8th of September in Timișoara, Romania. The core values of our festival are solidarity, dialogue, respect and dignity. We expect artists to share these values and take them into consideration in creating their works. in : v z b l festival is meant to be a platform for expression for people from different vulnerable groups to become more visible. Romanian artists that apply should have a personal connection with Timișoara that they can justify in the motivation letter. This can be anything from having lived or worked here or the first kiss at age 15, we are looking for Romanian artists that can have a personal subjective view of the city.

Artists will work together in teams made out of 1 Romanian artist, 1 international artist and 1 crafts person. By crafts persons we mean active creative entrepreneurs that often cross the line between art and craft and are active in Timișoara’s creative industries market. The teams will have our full support to connect with the local community and create a work in public space during the festival.

in : v z b l festival and the residencies are part of the Timișoara 2021 – European Capital of Culture program. Transport, accommodation, meals, production and a stipend are provided by the festival. And we promise to take the best care of you!

Apply before the 30th of May by sending a CV, a portfolio or links to previous works and a motivation letter with a project proposal for in : v z b l festival. To apply or for any questions write to us at . All applications, successful or not, will receive an answer before the 15th of June.