We are a group of actors, writers, designers, social workers and youth workers with diverse artistic, social and management experience. The belief that we can make a difference, unites us.

The Solidart Association acquired legal personality in July 2017 but it has been working as an informal group for over two years, since 2015. Thus, the acquisition of legal personality has come as a response to the need for team members to develop complex projects within this framework.

Solidart's goal is to create the framework for a constructive dialogue between people, to participate in the formation of solid, responsible and conscious communities, to provide members of these communities with confidence to engage actively in community life by organizing artistic projects, cultural, social and educational via:

  • Creating a community of people with same vision as Solidart
  • Bringing a social space of intercultural artistic expression
  • Organizing art workshops to give vulnerable people a voice and confidence that this voice is heard to and it matters
  • The realization of educational projects using art.
  • The production and hosting of cultural events that have the potential to develop the common values ​​that unite us and to raise public awareness about social issues
  • Combating discrimination of any kind and supporting social integration or reintegration
    facilitating public access to the cultural act